Slides and more from recent talks


Cryptography for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
AI & Trust at Applied Machine Learning Days, January 2019
Hacking Deep Learning, January 2019
Zero Knowledge TLV, January 2019


Private Machine Learning in TensorFlow using Secure Computation (slides, paper)
NeurIPS workshop on Privacy Preserving Machine Learning, December 2018

Technologies for Private Machine Learning (slides)
IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management, August 2018

Cryptography behind Private Machine Learning (slides)
(Cyber)Security for Software Engineers, June 2018

Private Machine Learning (slides, post)
Paris Machine Learning Meetup (ParisML), December 2017

What Privacy Has Meant For Snips (slides)
Privacy in Statistical Analysis (PSA), May 2017

Private Data Aggregation on a Budget (slides, paper, code)
Homomorphic Encryption Applications and Technology (HEAT), November 2017
Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation (TPMPC), April 2017
Private Multi-Party Machine Learning (PMPML), December 2016